Custom Printed Magazine

The readership pattern shows that Radiant Life is not a throw away publication because it remains in the home to refer back anytime the readers think about aesthetics. This provides reinforcement of the material and repeat exposure to create a strong call to action. In fact, patterns show that readers are part of the physicians’ target market and may be willing to travel a bit further and refer a friend to their preferred specialist.

Published quarterly, Radiant Life provides valuable information to consumers on selecting a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or medical spa. Articles feature educational information about plastic surgery procedures, skin care, injectables, health and wellness for both men and women; thereby reinforcing the importance of board certification and positioning you as a leader in your local community.

Distribution Ideas

  • Promoted as a free waiting room magazine
  • Physicians’ mailing list, such as consults who have not closed yet and VIP patients**
  • A profiled mailing list, targeted by zip code, age, gender, and household income**
  • Local businesses, such as: referring physicians’ office, salons, fitness centers, coffee shops, large company break rooms, book stores, auto dealers, etc.

** Minimum quantity 200 for mailing. Mailing service not available outside of the U.S.

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