Patient Education Excitement

Ooooh, it’s very exciting. UPS dropped off your Radiant Life magazines this morning. We understand; we get excited, too. So, now that you have them, what will you do? Here are 7 sure-fire ways to circulate RLM and get noticed in your local community. And, you’ll be pleased to read that we refrained from taking up an idea with “in your waiting room” because, well, duh! That’s a gimme. Onward with the list:

1.       Local spas and salons, provided of course the spa is not a competitor Patient Acquisition Tool

2.       Referring physicians’ offices

3.       Your mailing list: What better way to stay in touch with current patients than having Radiant Life delivered to their door?

4.       A prospective mailing list: We can provide you with a mailing list based on age, household income, gender and target zip codes where your RLM can be sent. And, we do the mailing for you!

5.       Consults: Make sure those on-the-fence consultations come back through your door. Stay top-of-mind by sending them home with your custom RLM issue. RLM has staying power and consumers are likely to share it with friends and family.

6.       Workout centers and gyms: Come on, you know those folks want to look great!

7.       Women’s leadership groups

And one to grow on: Social media. Did your subscription come with a digital link to your magazine? If so, share that bad boy across all your social media accounts and within emails; basically, anywhere digital formats are accepted which is almost anywhere, these days.

We’re always open to new ideas. How will you distribute your mags?

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